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GPS mount
Handlebar diameter

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This modular GPS computer mount from 76 Projects securely holds your command center on the bike!
The mount is available for 31.8mm and 35mm handlebars and the inserts are interchangeable. In the case of a defect (everybody grumbles :)) or you buy another computer, you can change the inserts (just write us a Mail ).

As the icing on the cake, you can't just attach your GPS computer securely to the bike, but mount a light or a GoPro underneath.

  • The same mount can be used for racing bikes, gravel bikes and cross bikes (facing forward) or for mountain bikes (facing backwards)

  • Garmin or Wahoo compatible. Here you can find for Polar and Lezyne inserts.

  • Here you can find compatible light modules.

  • For 31.8mm or 35mm handlebar diameter

  • 3D printed from super stable sintered nylon

Contact us if your GPS computer or light is not listed. There are always new inserts and modules.

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