The Honeymaker Al - Frame Only

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The Mullet ™ AL Honeymaker is based on the same geometry optimized for mixed wheels (DBG ™ - D irt B ike G geometry) as its titanium cousin, the Mullet ™ AL Honeymaker can only with 29 "front and 27.5" rear. The unique lines of the Mullet ™ AL Honeymaker are welded together using precisely mechanically formed and hydroformed tubes.

The E-Stay rear triangle has tailor-made CNC dropouts that are stable and stiff enough even for demanding riders. So that you can get home safely even after a long day in the saddle, the Mullet ™ Honeymaker is compatible with tires up to 3.0 "thick. People who like to get everything downhill are happy to hear that even with 3.0 “you are flexible with the chainring size. The honeymaker fits up to 38 teeth.

To personalize your Mullet ™ Honeymaker you can choose between different head badges, five different Wet Tech ™ color variants and many decal variants.

The head badges are made exclusively for Mullet ™ in one of the best jewelry forges in NYC from precious metals.

The Honeymaker Al

Optimiert auf 29" Vorne/ 27.5" Hinten



Small Medium Large
Effektives Oberrohr 597mm 622mm 648mm
Reach 398mm 424mm 445mm
Steuerrohr 95mm 105mm 117mm
Sitzrohr 368mm 419mm 457mm
Standover 666mm 692mm 717,5mm


1,58m- 1,68m


1,68m- 1,81m


1,81m- 1,94m


Optimiert auf 29" Vorne/ 27.5" Hinten
Federweg Federgabel: 140mm (120mm, 150mm oder 160mm komptabiel)
Gabel Offset: nicht mehr als 44mm
Steuersatz: ZS 44/56 (top/bottom)
Laufräder: 29” vorne / 27.5” hinten
Reifen: bis zu 3.0”
Kettenblatt: Bis zu 38z
Einbaubreite HR Nabe: Boost 148mm x 12mm
Sattelstütze: 31.6mm
BB: English Threaded 73mm
Kettenführung: ISCG 05
Rahmengewicht: 2,06kg (Small Raw)
Headbadge: Bronze (standard) WetTech™ Colors: Pisgah Green, Icycle Blue, Vintage White, Holeshot Silver, Bass Boat Black, RawDog
Größen: Small/Medium/Large

Garantie: 5 year Mullet™ Bike Warranty

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