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PNW Components Loam Lever

Dropper post levers are something that many of us overlook. We want our droppers to work but we don't think about the “button” that triggers the magic. After riding some of the best levers, PNW Components decided to do better. So the PNW Components Loam Lever was born. A dropper post lever that can be operated safely and comfortably even in bad weather thanks to the rubber coating on the lever and enough adjustment options that you can find it blind even in wild terrain.
Our personal highlight is the bearing on which the lever runs. It is huge and allows the lever to work even after many journeys in the most adverse conditions.


1. Adjustability - We believe precision is important. This lever offers two adjustment options so that you can adjust it perfectly to the.

2. Weatherproof - Oversized, high quality, sealed bearing, paired with an additional seal and rustproof parts for longevity and durability.

3. No Slip Grip - Speaking of the weather: The Loam Lever has a grippy, injection-molded thumb pad so your paws stay in place even in the muddyest conditions. The thumb pad is available in teal, orange, gray, black and red.

4. Techy AF - CNC machined down to the last corner. That makes the Loam Lever light and chic!

5. Direct mounting possible

* Mounting standards: Standard 22.2 mm handlebar clamp, Matchmaker X, I-Spec II

* Weight: 32 g without clamp

* Accepts cable routing from both directions

* Including Jagwire shift cable

* 100% recyclable packaging

* Compatibility: Any wired dropper post that has been tested, such as:

* Fox Transfer

* OneUp Dropper Post

* 9point8 Fall Line

* Bike Yoke Revive

* DVO Garnet

* Easton Haven

* Raceface Turbine

* KS (all)

* Tranz X

* Thomson

* Specialized Command Post

* Shimano Koryak

* Gravity Dropper

* Brand X

* e * thirteen TRS +

* Thompson

* Giant Contact

* Bontrager

* Crank Brothers Highline

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