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Tannus Armor tubeless tire inserts offer increased puncture protection and up to 20mm rim protection.
The tire inserts allow you to drive less pressure, which is more comfortable, safer and faster in the field.
In these points the Tannus Armor Tubeless Tire Inserts are similar to many tire inserts on the market.

What is special about the Tannus Tubeless is that thanks to their wing technology they offer a lot of stability and safety in curves, are very light and do not require a special valve. They work with all conventional tubeless valves!

  • 2.10 - 2.60 "
  • For 27.5 "and 29"
  • For inner rims from 25mm-35mm
  • up to 20 mm rim protection
  • Ride-Flat emergency running property
  • Wing technology - offers stability and safety in turns
  • all-round puncture protection
  • reusable
  • very light
  • easy to install

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