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I ride flat pedals because I enjoy it more and I don't think that it is more ineffective than using click pedals. But not everything is perfect about flats. The most annoying thing about flats is also the reason why they work - the sharp-edged pins.

Nox Sox Pedal Cover Rahmenschutz Large Schwarz


There is no flat pedal that is suitable for mountain bikes without nasty, sharp pins.
You like to bite your shins, calves, other bikes and my front door. There is now a noticeable notch in the said door.

Even when the bikes are being transported, the car gets something from time to time, or my friend's bike.

So far I hadn't found a sensible solution to prevent exactly that.

When we met Marc Hudson from Nox Sox at Eurobike 2019, he presented us with his Nox Sox pedal covers.
We promptly took a few home and tested them.

Nox Sox Pedal Cover Rahmenschutz Small Schwarz
Nox Sox Pedal Covers are also available for click pedals

The Nox Sox are covers for click pedals and flat pedals made of neoprene. The Nox Sox are very robust, light and small enough that a couple can always lie in the trunk. They are produced in Cornwall in England, almost Europe;).

They protect your car and your bike when you transport it in the trunk. I also find them very useful when loading the bikes onto our roof rack.

I'll pull you over before I stow my bike in the basement. Our front door thanks me and the bikes are far less scratched in the basement than in front of them.

Nox Sox Pedal Cover Pedalling Innovations Catalyst Pedal
The large pedal from Pedalling Innovations also fits!

It should also be mentioned that the Nox Sox can accommodate the largest pedals, the Pedalling Innovations Catalyst. So all pedals that are currently on the market fit into the Nox Sox!

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