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At the end of a fjord in Canada lies a small town called Squamish.
As a mountain biker you probably don't need to introduce the city thanks to the trails there, the city achieved world fame.

In such a community, of course, there are also many companies with really good ideas. One such company is Loam Lab Components, the brainchild of Mark Haimes.

Mark is actually from Australia and raced downhill there for 7 years before finally moving to Canada. He even holds a pretty crazy Guinness World Record on the famous Mount 7 Psychosis route .

Canada is a great country for biking, but it also has a lot of trees and, like here, they often get in the way.

That's how the idea for Counter Punch came about. The count punch was followed by a handlebar grip that combines the simplicity and torsion resistance of a lock-on grip with the comfort of a standard "slide-on" grip without becoming extremely thick in circumference.

We are already looking forward to the next ideas from Loam Lab!