about us

Cycling connects, takes you to places you have never been before and is simply fun.
Regardless of whether you are into racing bikes, gravel bikes, mountain bikes, children's bikes or e-bikes.

I, Holger, have been riding a two-wheeler since 1998. I've always liked the idea of ​​starting my own company. Angela also insisted that I finally use the knowledge about bikes that I had "acquired" through my enthusiasm for cycling and constant contact with other bikers, including insiders from the bike industry. No sooner said than done ...

In April 2019 we, Angela and Holger, founded Mountain Products with the idea of ​​getting to know new people, finding new innovative products and giving bikers like us the experience of cycling with the right ones To sweeten components and attachments.

When you receive an order from us, we pack and ship it ourselves.
If you have a question, we answer and not a call center.

Yes, we are still at the beginning, but our brands speak for us and offer products made by bikers for bikers.

Our portfolio of brands is constantly growing and now includes GPS Mounts, Onbike Storage, Bike Protection, Care & Lubricants, Bags, Mixed Wheel Bikes and attachments to give your bike the finishing touch.

Whether you are need the best mount for your GPS device, want to convert your suspension fork into a secret hiding place with the fork cork or are just looking for great mountain bike grips.

We have brands that are different, but not just to be different , but to give us bikers more fun on the bike!