Mullet Cycles

Mixed wheeled fullys and hardtails

At Mountain Products, we're just into cycling.
It's been part of our lives since we can remember.

And what happens when you've been into a hobby for a long time (vocation? ), you know which products work well for you and which don't. Which help you to have more fun on your bike for longer. This passion often results in new and great products. It doesn't matter whether you “find” these products like we do, or whether you get these products off the ground yourself.

And so it had to come that we came into contact with Miles and Mike from Mullet Cycles. Miles and Mike build bikes for cyclists who like to ride often, who are looking for a flexible bike that works in a wide range of applications without constantly having to check whether all flip chips are firm and all bearings are still running properly.

Who is Mullet ™ Cycles?

Mullet ™ Cycles are Michael Vidovich and Miles Schwartz. The two founders build bikes for people who sometimes question the "status quo".
The bikes were developed with a lot of passion and knowledge in order to create more reliable and safer bikes that allow us longer and more Having fun on the trails.

The Tech

The goal of every good engineer should be to pack many positive qualities into a concept that is as simple as possible. Therefore, for example, the Peacemaker Fully has only one pivot point that is provided with an innovative bearing arrangement. That's why the Honeymaker Hardtail has elevated chainstays, which is why all Mullet ™ Cycles have 29 "wheels at the front and 27.5" at the rear!

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The Peacemaker

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