Bike Testival Trailcenter Rabenberg

The Bike Testival Rabenberg takes place on 06.-07. June 2020 in the Trailcenter Rabenberg in Breitenbrunn. The Rabenberg is almost 1000m high and is home to the first MTB single trail park in Germany. The trails are very well maintained and there are quite a few kilometers of single trails to race off! It is not without reason that the trails around the Rabenberg have been a popular stop of the Trail Trophy for years!

The trail center is part of the Rabenberg sports park, i.e. there is space for your camper or overnight accommodation in the sports park. So the best conditions.

We will be there with our brands on both days.
Come by! We look forward to seeing you!

More information about the Trailcenter Rabenberg

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