3 tips to be able to leave your backpack at home

Who likes to be out and about with a backpack? Anyone who has their backpack with them knows it: a sweaty back and restricted freedom of movement are just two disadvantages that speak against a backpack.
Here are a few tips on how to be prepared for repairs on the trails even without a backpack!

Tipps zum fahren ohne Rucksack auf dem Mountainbike oder Rennrad

Without a backpack you have more freedom of movement on the bike

Store tubeless plugs, cable ties, etc. in the head tube

Miles Wide Industries Fork Cork verschließt den Gabelschaft vor Dreck und schafft Stauraum

The Miles Wide Industries Fork Cork is a step towards freedom in biking

The Miles Wide Industries Fork Cork seals the steerer tube from dirt from below and creates additional storage space for essential parts when things get tough on the trail. Since the storage space is naturally not the largest, I only pack the most important spare parts and helpers in my steerer tube. Included are tubeless plugs, a tool to use them, cable ties, chain lock, replacement valve and money for refreshing drinks afterwards;). What I like about Fork Cork is that you don't have to buy an expensive complete system, you can use the things you already own. It is also up to you what you put in, there are no limits to your imagination.

Attach the hose, pump and tire lever to the frame

With 76Projects Little Piggy, tubes, tire levers and Co2 can be attached directly to the frame

Going on a long tour without a tube and tire lever is not a good idea. I had to walk back to the starting point a few times because I had forgotten a hose. The idea of attaching a tube and tire lever directly to the frame is nothing new. In the last few years the "I just use insulating tape" have developed into some nice solutions with additional features. Some of these ingenious accessories come from 76Projects. The Piggy and The Little Piggy allow you to attach a tube, tire lever, CO2 and mini tool directly to the frame. Either by strap or by direct mount to one of the additional bottle cage attachments that more and more frame manufacturers have. On top you also have the option of packing everything in a dry bag and chauffeuring it well protected through the worst of the weather.

The good old pocket

Useful things like a multitool can also be packed in your trouser pocket or jersey pocket.

Pretty much every bike short has a trouser pocket. There are also bib shorts or protector vests with special pockets to stow away tubes or multitools. I always make sure that I don't take any sharp objects with me in pants, jerseys or bib shorts. Sometimes it is also useful to have something where you can organize your seven things well. For example with the Sticky Pod Mini for your pocket or something larger version for the jersey pocket . Because nothing is more annoying than when everything flies around loosely.


If a tour doesn't last longer than 2 hours, I almost always go without a backpack. The plus in freedom of movement and a less sweaty back are two great advantages. It should not be disregarded that without a backpack there is no swinging in curves and no beating on the back of the head in super-steep terrain. Even when I'm on a longer tour and rely on a backpack, I use Fork Cork, Little Piggy and Co. so that there is less weight on my back. All products from the text above are available in our shop. If you have any questions, I look forward to hearing from you.

Many greetings, Holger

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