Miles Wide Industries EverClear
Miles Wide Industries EverClear
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Special features:

  • The EverClear roll is 12M (MicroMeter) thick and offers 5cm x 152cm high quality protective film. It is made from the same material used for logos on NFL (American Football) helmets.
  • One roll is big enough for the down and top tube, chain stays, cable outlets and cranks.
    The protective film also works great on forks, dampers and much more!
  • The protective film is easy to apply : cut out, clean and stick on (optimal result with hair dryer or hot air blower)
  • EverClear frame protection is available for a matt and glossy finish and can be removed without residue .
TIP : To preserve the value of the bike for later resale, stick the inconspicuous protective film on the frame when it is new.


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