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Nox Sox offer the best transport protection for your beloved bike and car in the form of an easily attachable pedal cover.

Imagine that you and your buddy are packing the bikes for the next trip to your favorite spot . Seat post is inside, wheels removed, the first bike is in the trunk. So far so good.

Now comes the time when you should actually put an old blanket between the bikes. Unfortunately, nothing is within reach, except for the bed sheets that you and your wife got for the wedding. Somehow smells like preprogrammed stress, doesn't it?

This is where the Nox Sox come into play. Small enough to lie in the trunk all the time. Quickly and safely to assemble, they protect your bike during transport in the trunk and on the bike rack (whether roof or rear rack).
Even in the basement, they protect bikes that are next to each other or the door and wall when pushed back into the Catacombs.

The size large is ideal for flat pedals or large clipless pedals

  • high quality neoprene
  • Two snap fasteners hold the Nox Sox securely on the pedal
  • Fit on the biggest pedals
  • Made in UK
  • Price per pair
  • Available in Small or Large

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