76 Projects Product Guide

In the first part of the "76 Projects Product Guide" we want to introduce you to the versatile onbike storage solution The Little Piggy by 76 Projects . System integration on mountain bikes, gravel bikes and racing bikes is playing an increasingly important role. Then why not stow the most important tools and spare parts directly on the bike?

76Projects The Little Piggy Strap Mount Onbike Storage

The question is what is the right product for me?

We had been in contact with Rob from 76 Projects for a long time and were allowed to extensively test the products in advance on our trips. The Piggy and The Little Piggy are two products that, in some eyes, solve a problem that doesn't exist. However, anyone who has ever been on the road without a backpack will surely agree with us - without a backpack you are more agile on the bike and smoother on the move. Until it pfffffft, you stand in the forest without a hose and can start the way back on foot.

This is exactly what the Piggies were developed for. Even if you are minimalist, you always have the most important things with you.

Another advantage is that when you are on a longer tour with a backpack, you can shift your weight from your back to the bike. Maybe you can even start the day tour with a more compact backpack.

There are three onbike storage products from 76 Projects. The Piggy, The Little Piggy and the Piggy Saddlebag. Optionally there is also a waterproof drybag and a weatherproof zip case for the Little Piggy and Piggy.

In the following, we would like to introduce The Little Piggy to you in the first part of our "Product Guide".

The Little Piggy

"The Little Piggy" is more than just a strap

The Little Piggy can be attached to the frame using a strap mount or a direct mount. All necessary accessories are included in the scope of delivery (stainless steel screws, strap and a silicone band for additional security). We recommend the "naked" Little Piggy, without a zip case or dry bag, for mounting in the frame triangle. Under the down tube or in wet conditions, we recommend protecting the tube, mini-tool and the like with a zip case or dry bag.

The Little Piggy is compact enough to be mounted in many positions on the bike. It fits somewhere on 90% of bikes.

The 76Projects Zip Case protects mini tools, tubes and Co.

The zip case was actually developed for The Piggy, but I like to use it with the Little Piggy because it also protects the contents from the weather.
The zip case is not waterproof (the zip is waterproof ) but weatherproof enough to repel mud and dust on the down tube.

76Projects Dry Bag mit Inhalt
The dry bag is 100% waterproof
If you are looking for 100% protection from dust and water, you should take a closer look at the Dry Bag for Little Piggy and Piggy. Thanks to the roll-top closure and the stable and waterproof outer material, no water or dirt gets into the drybag - the perfect roll-bag.
76Projects Rückseite Strapmount
The Little Piggy can be attached via strap mount or direcmount

The Little Piggy is attached using a non-slip, silicone-coated strap or screwed directly to two false holder holes using the screws provided. There are two silicone pads included, which are simply pressed into the holes when using the strap and provide additional support.

Any questions? Then write us a mail or send us a message via Facebook Messenger.

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